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        Ceramic enhancer completely replace the black mud or just around the corner
        Published:2014-05-08    Views:8135

        Recently , this reporter visited a ceramic raw materials business , the boss told reporters , the production of ceramic liquid enhancer can replace some or all black mud , which reduces the recipe LOI , increase production yields and reduce energy consumption. As a result, the future may be able to no longer rely on the black mud , black mud reduce environmental damage caused by mining .

              As we all know , black mud is an important raw material for ceramic tile , ceramic industry in view of the rapid development of the country for the protection of arable land and mining restrictions and other factors , as a non-renewable resource Heini , both in quantity and quality to be mined are big as before . "Now especially as high-quality black mud Huizhou , Panyu , Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, Xinhui , such as the main origin has been mined out ." The boss says. The reason, on the one hand , the scale of development of Chinese building ceramics industry expanded rapidly , increasing the demand for black mud ; hand, Guangdong black mud because of its high viscosity, high whiteness , excellent features , such as plastic and easy solution , is widely recognized by domestic ceramics enterprises. Other areas such as Sichuan domestic ceramics , Jiajiang , Fujian, northeast, Shandong , Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia have bought black mud from abroad to Europe, Southeast Asia and other places are mostly imported from Guangdong black mud , so that the material is increasingly sharp less .

             It is understood that in the " building and sanitary ceramics industry," second five "development plan " clearly states , in key aspects of development, shall promote energy conservation . Scientific development of ceramic raw material resources , achieve economies of scale exploitation and utilization, focus areas to accelerate the standardization and industrialization of raw materials , the protection of black mud and other quality resources. So, how can we reduce our dependence on black mud , black mud can be replaced by other materials become ceramic industry professionals to discuss and research the topic. And now, as the necessary raw tiles , ceramic enhancer black mud was completely replaced , or just around the corner .